Hey guys just got my verano a few weeks ago only two issues having issues with the key pad on the outside of the door. Took it back to the dealership, which was not a pleasant experience at all. I got shuttled to work in a parts truck, When the advisor called me of course they couldn't find anything wrong. I was never greeted or asked if I was being helped when I dropped the car off or was picking it up. I was never explained what it could be or different situations to try was given my keys and nothing further. Poor lack of Customer Service can't wait to fill out a survey!! I guess I'm use to getting the customer service etc from driving an Import. But still Customer service should be customer service. The Key pad still has a mind of its own and now there is a ticking sound when the ac is on and it also happens when the ac is off and the car is parked or going at lower speeds it sounds like a belt or hungry gopher under the hood. Any ideas or help is greatly appreciated