10 Affordable Cars That Make You Look Rich
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Thread: 10 Affordable Cars That Make You Look Rich

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    10 Affordable Cars That Make You Look Rich

    Cars are a direct extension of a person's image. If you drive a Toyota Corolla, you have the typical "my parents purchased a smart and reliable car for high school" image. If you drive a Hummer H2, everybody thinks you're a dickhead who doesn't give a **** about anything but size and overbearing presence. The point is, people judge off what steering wheel you're gripping, and if you play your cards right, you can project a look that's probably a little better than your actual status. Not-so-popular manufacturers like Kia and Hyundai are building vehicles that are cheaper, but still have characteristics of high class cars. By driving them, you can impress without making it rain right into a fire pit. Take a look at the Optima, the Sonata and eight other affiordable cars that make you look rich.

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    May 2012

    2013 Audi A3

    Starting Price: $28,165

    Audi's tagline for the A3 is simple, "Not just a small car, a small Audi." Bang for buck. You are in an innovative, German engineered whip for under 30k. You get tremendous handling coupled with ample packing capacity (thanks hatchback!). You've also got Audi styling and cache. The cars materials match the aesthetics too, which goes along way in making you look good. And, in turn gives others reason to make assumptions about your station in life.

    2013 Hyundai Sonata

    Starting Price: $20,895

    We're unabashed fans of the Sonata. In 2011, the model jumped up and redefined a whole brand. Gone were cheap cars. In were quality rides that went neck and neck with European competitors. The 2013 version of our favorite Hyundai runs 200 horses and boasts unexpected fuel efficiency considering the power packed under the hood. Do we need to remind you what fuel efficiency does to your wallet? Yup, that's right, it helps you be how you look in a 2013 Hyundai Sonata.

    2012 Toyota Prius C

    Starting Price: $24,000

    Everyone knows rich guys support eco-friendly platforms. Everyone knows Leonardo DiCaprio pulls hot chicks. Do the math. 51mpg will keep your pockets fat, even if you're not on an a-lister pay scale.

    2013 Kia Optima

    Starting Price: $21,200

    With continental styling, older folks often confuse the Kia Optima for German luxury. We have proof. Better yet, the ride matches the looks. Again, we have proof. The Kia Optima is a mid-sized sedan at the right price and with the proper aesthetic punch to make you (and passers-by) feel like a million bucks.

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    May 2012

    2013 Ford Fusion

    Starting Price: $21,700

    The Ford Fusion is stunning. Yup, stunning. You'd easily mistake it for a plus $60k midsize. You'll smile knowing it hits at a third that figure. It's Detroit's first great new car for the segment and one of the most elegant cars available under $25k.

    2012 Buick LaCrosse

    Starting Price: $30,170

    We're going to keep repeating this until you start unintentionally spreading the word: Buicks are not old-people cars anymore. They're updated, sophisticated GM products that have been promoted by Tiger Woods and now Peyton Manning since their heavy refresh. And what do those people have? Money, lots of it. Stay stylish with its European-inspired cuts, call some audibles, and fool people into thinking you dropped $45K on a car that's nowhere near that.

    2012 Acura TSX

    Starting Price: $30,010

    We feel that Acura has a bit of an underrated presence in the luxury world. In the rap world, and among many guys in their 20s, Acuras are represented by the Acura Integra, an affordable and extremely fun tuner, and the Acura NSX, a legendary supercar. The thing is, Acura has other classy quality cars (with higher quality engines) that can compete with the likes of BMW and Mercedes-Benz at a fraction of the price. The TSX is the lowest on the line, yet still draws many characteristics from its big brother, the TL. It's sharp lines and smooth interior give it an automatically powerful presence.

    2012 Fiat 500 by Gucci

    Starting Price: $23,750

    The Fiat 500 already had it's sexy Italian styling working for it's appeal. Then it went and added cues from one of the most well-known (and flippin' expensive) luxury accessory brands in the world: Gucci. Consider this: Right now on Gucci.com, there is a bamboo crocodile handle bag that is listed for 15,800. The lowest cost for a bag on the site will still set you back around a grand. With that in mind, $23K for a Gucci car seems like the steal of the century. Observers are going to see that signature badge on the boot and will think you're in the upper echelon.

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    May 2012

    2012 Nissan Juke

    Starting Price: $19,900

    Why will a Juke make you look rich? Because at $600,000 the Juke R is the most audacious, most remarkable, most "WHOA"-inspiring crossover available. And, for just $19,000 you can have all of the style and a good portion of the fun.

    2013 Subaru BRZ Limited

    Starting Price: $27,495

    Remember the Saturn Sky and the Pontiac Solstice? They were General Motors attempt to make a cheap sports car. Unfortunately, they pretty much flopped, and part of the reason was that they looked like they'd been scooped up from a life-size Hot Wheels track. They were too plasticky feeling. This is where the new BRZ excels. It's got a presence that shows it deserves to be on the road, like the pavement is thankful this car is about to leave little bits of burned rubber crumbled on the worn black surface. The driving experience backs up those aggressive impressions, as well. Its low-fitted Boxer engine gives it an extremely low center of gravity, gripping it tight on corners. Couple that with the 6-speed trans, 17-inch rims, and leather and Alcantara interior on the Limited, and you get a 2,762-lb rear-wheel car that seems much pricier than $27K.

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