Earlier this year, I tested the Buick Envision crossover.

An upscale midsize model with a stylish body and premium cabin, it showed plenty of promise, but ultimately, I came away unimpressed. The vehicle’s twitchy steering, unsettled ride, and noisier-than-necessary interior were disappointing. Ostensibly an upscale product, it should have delivered more, especially for the money.

Now that there’s an autumn chill in the air at northern latitudes, it’s the Enclave’s turn to receive some attention. For 2018, the tri-shield’s flagship model has been totally redesigned after a decade on the market, an almost unheard-of timespan for a nameplate to soldier on without an overhaul.

But it was worth the wait because Buick’s new Enclave has a passel of enhancements that drivers are sure to appreciate, things like a more luxurious and spacious interior, an extra helping of tech, enhanced refinement and greater comfort than before.
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