I just got my 2013 Buick Verano on Friday and I hooked my iPod up to it via the USB port. I was able to listen to whatever I had previously played on my iPod, but the voice commands nor the touch screen work to navigate my music. This is due to the car indexing the iPod. Well, it's been all weekend and the iPod still has never finished indexing!

I even went so far as to let my wife take my car and iPod today to her one hour and a half long drive one way to her moms house. Even after 3 hours on the road, the iPod is still indexing! My iPod has a lot of music on it (over 10000 songs) but I wouldn't think that should prevent the system from eventually working right?

That being said, I have a 2012 Ford Fusion which has Microsoft SYNC and I hooked the same iPod up the same way to that car and it only takes about five minutes to index. Aside from the initial hook up which took about double that time.

Does anybody else have this problem?

Do you know if the whole indexing process restarts from the beginning each time you turn the car off, or does it pick up where it left off?

My wife has her iPod and it has a lot less songs so I'm going to try hooking that up next and see if that one works.

Any help is appreciated!