So, a few weeks ago had to replace my Exhaust VVT Solenoid. A couple days prior to that, I was driving to work (all highway, 40mi) and heard my power locks disengage and engage, felt like my car hit something and got the Power Steering, Stabilink and Traction messages. Once I replaced the solenoid, all was fine. I put fuel injector cleaner in yesterday. This morning drove to the gas station (2mi from my home) and my car lost power and felt like it was crawling then the engine kicked back on. Came home, left my car running as I was going back out (ran about 20min idle). Started driving again, and got severe issues. Got the power locks engaging and disengaging, the same error messages, traction control light on (car w/ tire tracks light) and also got the Service Park Assist light on. Was rough driving (30mph with not much power). Turned around and came back home. Let it sit for a bit before I finally took it to Firestone. Get in the car and no error messages, car seems fine now. What should I do? Any ideas what could have happened (besides my car being possessed)? I got to drive to work on Monday but hesitant due to the pending storm in NYS.