engine fan is running hard...AGAIN!! It has been into service 5 times now...They have replaced several parts..I am super frustrated....then my car is black...the paint on the hood started looking scratched...and the paint is coming off...the hood and trunk look the is super fading on the hood. Took it to the dealership to get it looked at. First, the man I talked to said the clear coating is coming off and they looked at hood and trunk and said yes it is fading. I made a claim with Buick to have it does a car 4 years old start fading? I have never parked under trees...they sent pictures in and said it is not a defect...I researched this and it is a defect in the paint. I saw many instances where people had the same issue. I have 53000 miles..Out of my bumper to bumper..I am going to pursue this as much as possible...I am so frustrated with it all. I will never buy a Buick again!! Called service department two times today to get the fan seen about and no one will even answer. I have to leave a message and no one calls back!!