Hey there! I bought a 2013 Verano Turbo back in July and so far I'm loving the car! It currently has 33,000 miles on it. One thing that makes me a little nervous is the automatic transmission. I have owned several GM vehicles over the years and have never had one where the shifts for the transmission were so obvious? It's hard to describe what it's doing exactly. It almost seems to shift "lazy," like the shifts are a bit slow and you can feel it always shifting. Especially when cold, the shift into third gear the engine RPM's will jump about 1,000 RPM and shift very slowly, then kind of drop into gear. It just doesn't feel right. Its shifts almost remind me of my brother's 2010 Jetta that doesn't have a torque converter? I test drove two non-turbo Verano's and the shifts seemed seamless. I have not been able to find another Turbo Verano to test drive to see if any others are this way. Are there any other Turbo Verano owners that notice the transmission shifting oddly?